Aastha Initiatives is a concept

At the Kickoff Event of Aastha Initiatives:

I was asked at the Kickoff event of Aastha Initiatives.

Ques:Why Aastha Initiatives or iAastha?

Ans:Aastha Initiatives is a concept we came up with few months back.

We wanted to do something for the society, to the community. With something we love to do.

I being one of the co-founders of Aastha Initiatives,  am a Singer , music is my passion.
Jit, the other co-founder , is a Yogi.
Since, both Yoga and Music plays an important part of 'Mind and Body connection', we thought of combining these two concepts ,  from which people can be benefited.

Ques:Why Martial Arts?

Answer: Martial Arts is another form of concept which connects Mind and body. I raised two boys, both are into Martial Arts and I am seen their transformation as an excellent human being when they got hooked up into Martial Arts.

Ques: Do do have any future plans?

Answer: We have just started our journey. We have a long way to go. We need your help, your blessings. We have faith in you, you should have faith in us. Together we can create wonders.

Ques: Last but not the least, what is the meaning of Aastha?

Answer: 'Aastha' means Faith or Believe. You should have faith in yourself to achieve something.

Thank You.

My Pleasure !