Aastha Initiatives is the one step further what we did with'Musical Evening'

We are the founders of Musical Evening and Aastha Initiatives., Musical Evening started more than 8 years back.

At the juncture of the 8th year, we have decided to go one step further and add some more values to our organization: we started Aastha Initiatives Inc

As the President of Aastha Initiatives,  A Yogi … He believes one should work towards betterment of others, and never let your left hand know what your right hand.

Our Goal is to spread the awareness of Mind and Body connection.

We want to spread our hand towards those who need help to help themselves!

We work towards the therapeutic value of Music, Yoga, Yoga-with-music, dances and martial art -Taekwondo …

For Taekwondo we are working towards partnership with Korean Government, and for yoga we are partnering with few Yoga organizations, few of them already here with us today.  

Some of our researchers are already working with autistic kids using sound therapy, and voluntary mind fullness through physical movement through yoga-asanas, dance and Martial Arts

We are working towards betterment to human life; not to manage, but, to be relieved from stress, anxiety and depression… we are trying to provide Aastha to people to help themselves.

As our motto goes : ‘.. and there's always #iAastha, The 'Aastha Initiatives' to Feel blessed, feel trusted, have faith and believe yourself ...